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Exchange and warranty policies

Remember that all our garments have a one month exchange policy.
The garments have a one month warranty for: Stitching, color and, before approving and applying the warranty, a control process will be performed to verify that the garment has been used and washed correctly.

Fragile garments and delicate materials, do not have warranty, so we ask you to check your garments very well to avoid future problems, the garments before being sent are subjected to review for quality, so we refrain from receiving claims for delicate garments that arrive in poor condition.

When making an exchange there are two possible situations:

  1.  That there is a garment of your interest in the current stock of the store, in which case we will proceed to make the change as long as it covers the total balance in favor, if the value of the garment is greater, you must make a payment for the remaining value.
  2. If there is no garment in stock in the store that is of your interest at the time of making an exchange, a promotional code corresponding to the value of the garment in question will be generated, which will be valid during the current year, the code must be used before the date, in case of not being executed Bfitlicious refrains from recognizing the balance.

Note: Shipping costs for warranty will be assumed by Bfitlicious, in case of a change of size, color or simply because you do not like the product the shipping will be assumed by the customer.


Withdrawal Policies

Bfitlicious customers have 5 working days after receiving the product to request a refund within a maximum period of 30 days, to make the request for refund, the customer must return the product in excellent condition and without having been used, it should be noted that in this case the customer must assume the logistical costs to return the product to Bfitlicious. Once the condition of the product has been verified, the refund process will begin.

The customer must present the purchase order and full name of the purchaser of the product, contact information and bank information to which the money back should be deposited.

Delivery and shipping times

Delivery and shipping times will depend on the location in the world where you are located, it should be noted that currently, some logistics companies have some delays due to the limitations in some countries caused by the impacts of COVID-19.

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